The McGuckin Group is a Talent Design Innovation firm.

We orchestrate the “Aha Moments” that enable you to uncover, unlock, and unleash human talent and innate leadership that exists within your organization. From the shop floor to the Executive Suite, our team has lived and breathed every flavor of corporate culture. We bring an in-house sensibility and a fresh point of view. Consider us the anti-consultancy talent consultancy.

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Women On Their Way

Our premier leadership development program is designed to improve and accelerate women's advancement. We take a bottom-up and top-down approach to cultivate female leadership. We work with individuals to identify ambitions and improve capabilities. We also work with organizations to impact system change through mindset and culture shifts and architecting talent strategies that move the needle on gender equity.

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I facilitate and enable “Aha Moments” for leaders to help transform organizations and deliver outstanding business results. Great organizations begin with great leaders who are committed to building a culture that nurtures great talent. Over my three-decade career, including ten years as the Chief Talent Officer for Jabil (27 billion in revenue, 250k employees), I’ve led over ten CEO Succession transitions under the direction of the Board of Directors, led DEI strategy work that resulted in double digit growth for minority representation and spent 5 years collaborating with Harvard Business School designing cutting edge leadership programs for executives.

Over the last four years, I’ve partnered with Fortune 100 Organizations across 52 countries to design and deliver the long-term talent planning process to ensure the alignment of people, process and culture with their business strategies. As a trusted partner to hundreds of executives, I have helped them to navigate the complexity of their organization to see true transformation of organizational culture to unleash the power of their people.

One thing you’ll hear from each of my clients is that my approach is straightforward and frank – they know they’ll always get clear recommendations and solutions that are practical, executable, and innovative. No consulting-speak or equivocation or playing it safe. My clients count on my honest appraisal, deep expertise and guidance to help them make the right decisions and put the best talent frameworks in place to assure their team’s success - this is especially true today during times of organizational and societal change and upheaval. Being a great leader in today’s world is harder than ever.

“Moving from an all-male or all-female office to one that was evenly split could increase revenue by up to 41% because of greater perspectives and innovation.”

- MIT Study

“We couldn’t have accomplished our goals without Audrey and her team, their vision, passion and commitment to success…The McGuckin Group was very instrumental in planning, assessing, training and coaching the entire supply chain organization, globally and locally, during the most needed transformation.”

Erich Hoch, EVP

“The McGuckin Group facilitated a great session for our team…It wasn’t training or a meeting. It was a true learning experience. We shared and learned more about each other, our organization, and most importantly ourselves to become better unified leaders.”

Lee Kemper, President and COO


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